Painless Residential Solar Panel Installation with Soleeva – Solar Provider

There is an influx of solar energy users in recent years, what with the legislation supporting alternative energy use and giving tax incentives to property owners using solar panels. There is also the growing apprehension of carbon dioxide emissions and their relationship to a perceived climate change. For this and other reasons, there is no surprise that more and more people turn to solar energy and are in turn being rewarded for using the technology.

Solar energy has the potential to become practically infinite, in terms of human civilization using the equipment will disappear on the face of the planet long before the sun itself deteriorates and “dies”. With this infinite and free energy, it’s only a matter of time before somebody creates the tools that can harness this energy. Until as recently as 10 years ago, solar-powered homes are considered something of a novelty. This is due in part to the costly price tag a solar panel array comes with. Add to that the cost of its installation and you’re looking at something only the wealthy can afford. 

But tools and materials technology has improved to the point where assemblies of photovoltaic cells (solar cells to the uninitiated) can be produced, put together and installed with far less cost than in previous years. This makes more affordable and, ultimately, more accessible to most homeowners like Soleeva – solar provider. This, in turn, makes electricity usage more efficient, saving more money and making the tech more popular. But this is not to say that there are no hold-ups when using solar energy.

As most of you have realized by now, solar assembly installation is not as simple as you think. It does not consist of slapping on the solar cells to your roof then connecting it to your electrical wires. That would be a disaster. You will need to find an installer with the kind of experience, knowledge, and portfolio that you would trust with installing your solar panels and not turn it into a fire hazard. They need to know how to position the panels to make the most of the sun’s position in the area. They also need to know how to put in additional wiring so you can use the system safely.

When searching for a solar panel installer, make sure to hire one who offers a strong warranty. Panels must be insured for at least 20 years and the inverter must be covered for at least 10 years. You should also hire somebody that uses panels made by a US company. If that company is building its assemblies and is in the US, so much the better.

Soleeva has been the number one solar panel company in the Bay Area, also designing and building systems for San Jose and adjacent areas. You can expect more value from a company that doesn’t just sell solar tech but also designs and builds them. Self-cleaning and cooling panels are available, which churns out 25% more energy and minimizing costly maintenance. Check us out at Soleeva and go for a free consultation now.


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